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Recipe for success: how The Bear captures the drama of a restaurant

The new series on a struggling Chicago sandwich shop is one of the rare scripted shows to capture the frenetic, addictive chaos of the professional kitchenThe Bear, FX on Hulu’s gripping new series on the relentless strain of running a small restaurant...

Getting a Handle on Anger During Difficult Times

Anger gets a bad rap. Many people consider it be destructive and bad. All of the time.

But anger can actually be good for us in many ways. It’s a ***-given emotion that motivates us to right wrongs and to solve problems. Nathan the prophet was indignant when he confronted King David about committing infidelity and killing Bathsheba’s husband. Jesus was angry when he overturned tables in the temple. Anger can empower us to pursue a better career, to end a bad relationship, or to make positive changes.

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Data packets order in register of router [closed]

4 data packets are originally stored in the register of a router:

When adding a data packet of type A I dont have a question why it goes to the most right place the time priority of A packet is the biggest .However when I add a C now what...

How ’bout that Cowboys Ring of Honor?

Less than a year ago, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones made it sound as if the long-awaited induction of two-time Super Bowl champions head coach Jimmy Johnson in the Ring of Honor was just around the corner. Now, it seems that has been all but forgott...