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Grinding principle
The research content of the grinding principle mainly includes the grinding debris formation process, grinding force and grinding power, grinding heat and grinding temperature, grinding precision and surface quality, grinding efficiency, etc., in order to understand the essence of grinding, And to improve or create grinding methods.

During the formation of the grinding debris, the spacing and height of the abrasive grains arranged on the grinding tool are randomly distributed. The abrasive particles are a polyhedron, and each of the corners can be regarded as a flat cutting disc on sale with a tip angle of approximately 90° to 120°. The tip is an arc of a radius of a few microns to a few tens of microns. Finely ground abrasives have tiny cutting edges on the surface of the abrasive particles called microedges. The abrasive grains have a large negative rake angle during grinding, and the average value is about -60°. The cutting process of the abrasive particles can be divided into three stages. Slip phase: The abrasive particles begin to squeeze into the workpiece, and the surface of the workpiece is elastically deformed without chips. Plough stage: the abrasive squeezing depth is increased, the workpiece is plastically deformed, the plough is grooved, the granules are bulged on both sides and the front end; the cutting stage: the plunging depth continues to increase, and the temperature reaches or exceeds the criticality of the workpiece material. At the temperature, part of the workpiece material slips significantly along the shear plane to form wear debris. Depending on the conditions, the three stages of the abrasive cutting process may exist in part or in part. The shape of the grinding chips is banded, squashed and fused. It can be used to analyze the influence of various main process parameters, 14 inches cutting disc characteristics, cooling lubrication conditions and abrasive properties on the grinding process. Measures for surface quality and grinding efficiency.

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