The main quality problem of the cutting piece and its harm



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When the fiber-reinforced resin sheet cutting blade and the shaped flat cutting disc on sale are used, most of them are hand-held cutting and grinding, and the distance between the operator and the cutting piece is relatively close. Therefore, once the rotating strength is poor, the cutting piece is broken during the cutting or grinding process, which is easy to cause. Personal injury or death.

Unsatisfactory hardness
The hardness of the cutting piece refers to the resistance of the bonding agent to resist the detachment of the abrasive particles from the surface of the cutting piece under the action of an external force or the ease with which the abrasive particles are detached from the surface of the cutting piece. Hardness can accurately reflect the grinding performance of the cutting piece, which is one of the important indicators to measure the quality of the fiber cutting disc Chinese supplier. There are two requirements for the hardness of the cutting piece:
Uniformity of hardness (the difference between the maximum and minimum values of the hardness values of each point measured) shall comply with the standards;
The compliance requirement of the hardness, that is, the average value of the hardness (the arithmetic mean of the measured values of the hardness of each measuring point) is within the allowable range specified by the standard. The proportion of unqualified hardness is also quite high. For example, the hardness of the flat cutting piece is unqualified, and it exceeds 20% of the total number of unqualified parts.


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