Day: June 6, 2018

Recommendation: IOT Sensors for Manufacturing


Hello All,


I’m in the early stages of a project for my company that involves outfitting our manufacturing equipment (several Thermoformers and Extruders) with IOT sensors for machine component analytics.


I am having some trouble finding quality, affordable IOT sensors that are appropriate for industrial grade equipment. So naturally, I came to reddit for help.


Some things to note: the machines in question have the ability to reach very hot temperatures, and often apply quite a bit of force to certain areas. I am hoping to get sensors that can read these temps and pressures, in addition to ones that can read vibration, and motion data. I’ve never outfitted machines like this, but I am guessing that the sensors will need to be pretty discrete and durable.


Does anyone have any experience with something similar? What are some of the best options out there for IOT sensors for this kind of equipment. Would a DIY kit (arduino or Rasp pi) suffice?


Thanks so much!

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