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Posts published in “Day: November 15, 2018

Admission Letter

An admission letter should make the admission committee feel as though they have known you for a long time just from the information written.

A Guide to the Met for the Crowd-Averse

Forgo the operatic Fifth Avenue at 82nd Street entrance. It’s grand, but it’ll cost you as much as a half-hour of antsy waiting. Use the 81st Street door one block to the south. Not only is there no wait for tickets, there are lots of...

Buy Hoop Earrings Online

Rustic designer Hoop Earrings gives you attractive impression to others. Browse here the huge collection of Hoop earrings online in India.

Eva LeWitt’s Career Blossoms

Right now, on the walls of the lobby gallery of the Jewish Museum, there is a site-specific installation called Untitled (Flora), by Eva LeWitt. Made out of Plexiglas and cast polyurethane foam, the work resembles floppy if somewhat a...

The ISR 4321 only have two router ports

I have a ISR 4321 Router in my Cisco Packet Tracer, and I added a NIM-ES2-4 module, but the The NIM-ES2-4 provides four switching ports.

which are Gig0/1/0 - Gig0/1/3. because I want to use the four ports as Router interface...