Day: November 26, 2018

Guide to Enabling or Disabling Fast User Switching in Windows 10

Sluggish computers are always productivity killers for all of us. And if you are a user who regularly needs to switch their user accounts on your computer system many times a day, then sometime it might irritate for the user. It is only because both the account has some programs or applications running and resources allotted to them, and this will make the process slow….

New Offices for UrvanX

We strive to be efficient and effective to all of our clients, and our new office will certainly add to that. We welcome visitors and look forward to seeing you all. See More Visit :

UrvanX receives Honorable Mention in Future House 2018: Modular House International Competition

UrvanX has been awarded Honorable Mention for their competition entry to the Future House 2018: Modular House International Competition. Drawing on their real world experience with modular design and construction, the prototype concept was explored and expanded into a versatile application that can be scaled from Single Family to Multi-Family. See More Visit :