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Posts published in “Day: January 27, 2019

WAP power profile?


The company I work for provides for its workers an ethernet and, for temporary visitors, a limited bandwidth/time wifi.

There is a new trend in France: Wifi and RF are the devil.


First. Let's consider we ...

No access to mail server in DMZ

I have an Cisco asa 5520 8.2(1) firewall that I can't get to give me access to my mail server in DMZ.
Here's my configuration:

Object groups

object-group network WEB_SERVERS
network-object host

object-group ne...

Slow file transfer speed to/from Samba server [on hold]

Above diagram is my setup. I got a Ubuntu server sharing a folder using samba. It is connected to WAN port in the router(Unifi Security Gateway). I am trying to read/write files from Samba server from 192.168.2.xx machine. I...