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Posts published in “Day: February 6, 2019

Wired 802.1x on Windows 10 1803 isn’t utilizing cache [on hold]

So I’ve been trying to resolve 802.1x Wired authentication issues for quite some time now with limited success. The environment is based on Server 2012, Enterasys NAC using EAP-TLS1.2, with a relatively simple PKI infrastruct...

Cat6A Junction Boxes in the US

I'm looking around the internet and can't seem to find a Cat6A junction box available in the US. Is there a reason they aren't sold in the US?

Basically, I have a Cat6A cable that is run to the wrong spot in a wall, and in o...

Cat 6 life expectancy [on hold]

how long will cat 6 cable survive outside if it is not an external grade cable.

No sunlight touches the cable but only cold temperatures of around -10c, everyday every year.

the cable has no holes, and it is above ground l...