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Posts published in “Day: February 16, 2019

CSU/DSU’s and DSL modems

I read a few times that DSL modem isexample of CSU/DSU.
To my understanding CSU/DSU connect digital communication method to digital while DSL modulate digital communication to analog.
If so, how can it be the same device?


uber alike for small outdoors areas / golf courts / resorts etc..

hi guys in starting a rnd project for an uber alike for those riding carts used in big outdoors areas. I m thinking about scanning the area for the local map and map all the areas of interests / golf holes / village numbers (as I reckon google map is t...

MAC Table vs ARP

I understand that for a switch to learn a MAC address, if host A wanted to send data to Host B the switch learns host A MAC and places it in the MAC table. If it doesn't know where the MAC (for Host B) is then it will flood t...