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Posts published in “Day: February 18, 2019

Hi guys, I have a university project coming up where I need to find a way to transmit data to a smartphone, I understand Bluetooth is the best way forward (probably) but I have no technical know how. Could someone please help me?

As the title says I have a university project where we have to create some form of 'smart' device, it doesn't need to be anything complex. Our idea is to build a device which measures hydration and which can then transmit that data to your phone.

We are going to use a device which uses your skin as part of the current path It will measure Vout after it has passed through your skin, we can then calculate resistance from this and from that resistance, the user's hydration levels. We don't have any issue building that, but we aren't sure how to then transfer this data to a phone. I understand bluetooth is probably the best way forward but does anyone know of any sensors we could use and how easy this may or may not be? I've heard of apps which allow you to make your own apps and I was hoping we could do that to collect the data.

None of us have any software/programming knowledge whatsoever, we've all came from electrical backgrounds (through apprenticeships ) and are now at university doing an power electrical engineering degree.

Any and all help much appreciated

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