Day: April 20, 2019

Advice for project related to 6LowPAN border router.


I have chosen to make a 6LowPan border router, using two raspberry pi using the OpenLabs 802154 radio. I got inspired from this paper. But I couldn’t follow the paper word for word as some of the components there, cost quite a lot. In order to find guidance for making my project I found the following articles:

  • A LinuxJournal article doing somewhat the same thting. But not a router.
  • A page describing use of wpan-tools for configuring the device.
  • Instead of using Cetic/6lbr repo for a border router solution, I chose this link for getting border router code.

I would like to get any inputs for how viable this project is, based on my findings. Also if anyone can recommend any resource.

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