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Posts published in April 2019

Which TAP is the right one for my network?

I want to buy a TAP but I'm uncertain which device is the right one for my environment. The command sudo lshw shows the following about my Ethernet:

description: Ethernet interface

Working on a product that will use BLE Beacons. Which protocol should I put my money on?

I was leaning toward Eddystone because of it's open nature, and types of data it broadcasts, but Google has already removed a lot of functionality, and has a long history of killing products. AFAIK it seems Apple isn't doing anything with IBeacon either. I'm open to AltBeacon or similar- I just don't have much knowledge of them.

TLDR: Is there a future to the "physical web?" If there is, what company/protocol has a foreseeable future?

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