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Posts published in “Day: June 10, 2019

Any McRock speed pitching experience?

Any IoT entrepreneurs or investors care to comment on this speed pitching event at McRock? I understand it's a 5 min with each investor group, then you rotate to another -- like speed dating. Is it just a conversation? Does anyone show slides or quick demos/screenshots? Printed materials?

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What You Need to Know About The Crisis In Sudan

Civil unrest is not new to Sudan, but violence is escalating. Here, a breakdown of what is happening, how the unrest got started, and why young people aren't giving up the fight.

Does IPoIB use Ethernet as a fallback

I have a situation. Given two servers A and B that belong to the same IB subnet and (another) Ethernet subnet. When I communicate using IPoIB from A to B I get around 40Gbps, that's OK. But when I deactivate the IP for A (i.e...