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Posts published in “Day: June 19, 2019

Drake Has Switched To ‘Album Mode’

Drake uploaded new photos to Instagram hinting that he's working on a new album. But most of them show him relaxing with friends, suggesting that working on a new album and going on vacation are very similar activities.

SNMP object not in the MIB

i'm working on an SNMP app that needs the ptopo MIB object with the object ID of

after enabling SNMP v3 on 2 layer 3 switches

dell z9100-on
brocade slx 9140

and creating a view on the whole MIB (with OID ...

Cant ping a local device [on hold]

I have a server thats connected to 2 different local networks, however, I can ping a client on one of the local networks but as soon as the client joins the 2nd one, I cant ping it.

the network that I cannot ping the client...