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Two Part Question – 1) Is there a community for themed IOT builds? 2) What is a good UI framework to use for small screen RPI projects?

tl;dr - The title.

I'm aware these are drastically different questions. But, basically I have some ideas for a small RPI4 build, I've got a lot of the kit I want, and now it's sort of time to put it all together. I would really like some place to get ideas/advice.

1) The build is hoping to be a slightly 'retro' feel in both software and hardware. I was wondering if there was a community of people who make themed builds... cosplay for hardware basically, I am looking to build something like the devices seen around in Alien movies/Alien Isolation... that sort of 70s feel of the future. Was hoping there was somewhere people build stuff like that.

2) UI For the device is going to replicate some of the stuff I've seen in films, but even as a professional software developer, I'm a bit lost in what UI frameworks people use for this sort of thing. Do people just use javascript/node apps for front end on these things and run it full screen? If so, are there popular frameworks that people use on pis? I'm a dotnet core developer by trade, so c# would be ideal, but i can get by with almost anything... current front runner is to try and do something in html5 and use core behind it for functionality.

I'm aware this is a bit all over the place, but was hoping this community would be a good place to start a discussion and get a bit of advice.


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