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Posts published in “Day: July 24, 2019

POE negotiation between IEEE PD and the POE Switch?

I know that there happens a negotiation between the IEEE PD devices and directly connected POE Switch through CDP or LLDP protocols. But if for some unknown reasons, if the CDP/LLDP is disabled on the IEEE PD. How much power ...

How can I accomplish VPN across Dual Wan connections?

How can I accomplish VPN across Dual Wan connections in a optimal way?

Idea is to make:

Site to site VPN.
Make single connection inside the VPN to use full bandwidth of both wan connections using (Split TCP, Multipath T...

Cannot ping from Main network to the Wifi Expander network

My problem is I cannot ping devices that are connected to Wifi expander from the devices that are connected to the router.

The comfast wifi expander will create his own network with an of and defaul...

Why ip nat {in,out}side?

Although I understand how NAT is configured on Cisco, a broader question came up about the why behind it.

When configuring e.g. NAT overload, you specify a few items:

An access list ...

ip access-list extended LAN_ACL