Day: July 25, 2019

Looking for a Linux-based WiFi module



I’m looking for a WiFi module that is something in between ESP8266/32 boards and proper single-board computers like R Pi or Odroid. Of all peripherals I only need WiFi radio, UART port and a couple of GPIOs. On the other side, it needs to be able to run a REST API, parse some JSON messages, switch between AP and STA mode, etc. I assume something that runs a Linux distro like OpenWrt should do the job. I would avoid R Pi and similar because they’re bit of an overkill in this case, especially with their bulky connectors all around.

I was looking wide and long, and it seems to me that there are not many modules like that out there. There is this Onion Omega2 module or Linkit Smart module (they’re using the same CPU, though) but not much more could I find. On the other hand, there are some not-well documented nor supported modules on Alibaba, like this one.

Are you aware of any such devices? Did you have experiences with any of those above?


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