Month: July 2019

Reasons for not being always connected?


I have noticed that sometimes devices aren’t always connected (based on observing connections on my router) to their cloud services.

I can think of this being the case so that

  1. They save battery
  2. They want to consume lesser bandwidth especially if they’re sending messages only once an hour or so.

I’m not sure of #2 because connection itself shouldn’t consume bandwidth. In fact, making a new connection and tearing down one every hour might incur more bandwidth/data usage than not.

What other reasons exist to not be connected always? Is my reasoning for #2 accurate?

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Cisco DAI / arp inspection limit

During a recent *********** test it was found that we didn’t have dai set quite as tight as possible to fully stop things. I’m running Cisco 3750x if it matters.

The interfaces are configured with ip arp inspection rate lim…