Day: September 28, 2019

Why is national traditionalism and tribalism on the rise again?


So, about a year ago I started to listen and follow several Nordic and Asian folk rock bands, and I’ve noticed that in about the last two years, traditional and ancient culture is on the rise RADICALLY around the world. In the last couple years the numbers of active pagans have multiplied, more people are listening to Tuvan throat singing and Viking war chants, bands in Europe like Wárdruna or Heilung have completely blown up, and several other asian ones too, Like The HU, who gained hundreds of millions of listeners with their folk metal throat singing and topped the Spotify charts in America for days. Also more people are taking up traditional martial arts and ancient languages than ever before. What happened? I mean I love it, but why now? Is the West so in lack of self-identification that it ran back to the ancestors for inspiration? Because I sure did.

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