Day: February 18, 2020

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Looking for advice on project


I’m wanting to build something for work, where employees can have a little badge with a button on it. The button, when pressed, would send a signal to a transceiver that would relay it to a server. The transceiver would communicate the mac address of the badge, and id of the transceiver. With this information, we would know the room and the employee.

I was looking at the Lora company. Specifically, I was thinking this developer kit might help me get started? I feel like I need a central receiver that can talk to a server, though?

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Cat M1 IoT Cellular chip selection


I’m building some IoT hardware that needs to perform very small and infrequent HTTPS posts to the cloud and need advice on selecting a good low cost and stable chip.

The Ublox SARA-R4 looks perfect however it costs around the $50AUD mark where I need it to be about half as much.

I was very close with the Sierra HL Series, however it turns out they have a header size limitation with the https post preventing long authentication headers (100 characters) that are mandatory for the solution.

Anyway the chip I select should be

  • low bandwidth
  • low power
  • Cat-M1

I don’t need extra stuff like NB-IoT or GPS driving up the cost.

What other options are there? Any help you can offer is appreciated!!


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