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Posts published in “Day: April 3, 2020

Is outdated smart home devices re-usable?


For the last year, I have read multiple articles about how different smart home companies are shutting down their servers and rendering these IoT devices and hubs useless - from smart to dumb. I see a lot of people are ****** as well. The latest one is from Osram which makes light solutions - Osram is shutting down the server for the Lightify system.

I do have IT background, but IoT is far from my main thing, so this may be a noob question. Media is saying how these devices are useless etc, but is it really so? Isn't it possible to reprogram them so you can use those for yourself? I assume the majority uses Zigbee and other standards.

I am just thinking if manufacturers dropping support opens possibilities to buy up these "useless" devices for cheap (for my own DIY projects), or even provides some business opportunities.

Explanations and comments are welcome. Maybe i just need to do a better research and i am totally wrong

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