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Posts published in “Day: April 12, 2020

What’s in your "End-of-Life" Automation?

Something of a morbid topic to be sure, but I was curious if: 1) You have some sort of End-of-Life automation that a loved one can activate, and 2) What does it do? Given our current pandemic, and my "underlying health conditions", I decided ...

[Help] Looking for electrical engineering course

Hi, I am currently holding Msc in Computer Science and I have been working as a software developer and system architect professionally for multiple years. IOT is my passion, but I have never finished a complex or larger project in this field, mostly be...

Research for IoT and Smart Homes


I'm trying to find papers that will give me an insight into IoT and Smart Homes for their security, how they work, as well as how traffic flows within these devices and technologies. Any research that you know of on these would be great.

I have 2 networks I have built 1 with a remote connection through a smart phone and the other indirect control through a switch and SBC board.

Looking into Hive app and webcam control for the remote connection. Microbits and raspberry pi for the direct access if you have any research from websites etc this would be amazing.

Thanks for any help.

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IPSEC Authentication Header Query

I was going through the RFC 4302, to understand the AH Header. In sec 2.2, Payload Length, it says:

This 8-bit field specifies the length of AH in 32-bit words (4-byte
units), minus "2".

I am trying to understand how value 2 is cal...