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Posts published in “Day: April 18, 2020

Retrofit solution to turn dumb devices smart

Has anyone used eden smart home solution, looks pretty amazing. Planning to try it out, but looking for some feedback before i invest submitted by /u/DryPath [link] [comments]

Looking to add wireless fare sensor and status light

I’m looking to add outdoor wireless gate sensors to my two gates. I’d like those to control a simple light of some sort near my back door so I have a quick reference to whether any of the gates are open before letting the dog out. I have an outlet near...

IoT projects for climate change

Hi guys!

I'm developing my thesis on technology and climate change.

I'm looking for some software/hardware in the IoT related to climate change.

Do you have any ideas or source that can help me?


submitted by /u/LukeJuror
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Recommendation of AWS development kit hardware (below USD $120) with no extra cost


I am new to IoT, I want to add it to my skill set for future job search. I am well-versed in embedded software and system. I just plan to play around a bit, using it at personal level (super low usage), thus I'm looking for IoT platform that has free tier for super low usage.

I have decided to go with AWS platform for IoT. There are so many development kit (hardware) to choose from. I really like Renesas RX65N AWS Cloud Kit. It's reasonably priced (USD $62.50), comes with Wi-Fi and sensors. Instruction is very clear and straightforward. However, I found that their compiler is only free for 60 days. It's pretty costly to buy the compiler, $380.

Is there a reasonably priced development kit (such as Renesas RX65N AWS Cloud Kit) that doesn't incur extra cost - i.e.: offers free tools or use open source compiler?

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