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Posts published in “Day: April 21, 2020

Are there humidity sensors with less than 1% precision?

Sorry for the noobish question but I don't know much about the hardware-side of things. Basically I am working on software from home because of isolation, and don't have access to any of the sensors it will have to connect to (nor could I get a clear info about what models these sensors are, lol). Do I need humidity to be handled as a floating point number or are sensors always >1% precision and an integer suffices?

Thanks in advance!


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Using Lora 868Mhz in NA

Hello, I ordered some RFM95-US915mhz , but the shop sent me the 868mhz version. Can I still use them in US/Canada, will it get me into any legal trouble? Thank you for your time. submitted by /u/khoahuynh93 [link] [comments]