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Posts published in “Day: April 29, 2020

ARDUINO NANO 33 IOT vs ARDUINO MKR WIFI 1010 vs Particle Proton

Hey Reddit. I'm making a little switch that has two physical buttons that you click to trigger IFTTT recipes. I'm really hoping for good battery life, and I don't really need a whole lot of sensors. A small form factor is crucial though, as I want it to be something you could put on a shelf and not notice like a huge lump. What should I go with?

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Vehicle tracking over LTE?

We are in the process of deploying a vehicle tracking solution. We bought GOSWOX server and got that set up and working pretty well by using just cell phone apps to send location. Now, we would like to start buying actual hardware trackers. The problem...

Home Assistant on Windows using VirtualBox GUIDE (2020)

I’m going to install Home Assistant Operating System using VirtualBox on Windows. It may sound complicated, but it is not and I will show you everything step-by-step. I decided to move my Home Assistant installation from raspberry to a desktop PC...

When do ACLs on SVIs get applied on Cisco Catalyst devices?

I don't understand exactly when an ACL will get applied when on an SVI. Given the following (pseudo) configuration

int vlan 100
ip address
ip access-list in in
ip access-list out out
int gig 1/2
switchport ...

Communcation between vlans and router

Can all VLANs be allowed to communicate with a router but not between VLANs?
If it is possible, then how to achieve it?
The VLANs and router are in the same subnet.
I have topology like this:

Which is the best way to encrypt all the IP traffic in LAN?

I'm trying to encrypt all the IP traffic in a small LAN network but the in that network all kind of devices are connected i.e. PCs, Laptops, IP Cameras, IP Sensors, etc (new and old devices).

I have looked into IPSec, MACSec and pfsense. ...