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Posts published in “Day: June 13, 2020

How do I set up LoRaWAN between ESP32 and Dragino 433Mhz gateway?

Hi everyone, I am fiddling around with LoRaWAN at home for an IoT project right now with 433Mhz and a Dragino LG01-P gateway and ESP32 with LoRaWAN RHF76-052 module (M5Stack) as sensor node. Unfortunately I can't get it to work with the gateway. I spent the last two weeks following diverse tutorials with no success. With the example sketches by M5 I am able to send and receive messages but for my use case of a private network with secure data transfer over LoRa to the gateway and forwarding to MQTT (no TTN), I have no idea on how to move forward.

I am thankful for any help and really appreciate anyone’s time reading and replying.

Thanks in advance.

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Security issue on Iot

Hello all, I have zero idea about this stuff as I didn't learn it before, can someone help me? or can someone provide me some site or news for doing this study?


Quick analysis of the existing IoT security landscape and the effectiveness of current solutions. Explore new ways to identify and mitigate IoT security risk for home and business users from the perspective of Application Layer Security.


Huge amounts of electronic devices used by individuals and corporations are wired and interconnected which are collectively called Internet of Things (IoT). The higher interconnectivity leads to better communication amongst devices which in turn brings us convenience but also a new attack vector for hackers. Security concern are an exponential function of the numbers of connected IoT devices. In light of the data sensitivity of what IoT devices have access to, it’s important to understand their security risk and ideally, minimize the risk.


- Problems: Analyze IoT devices which are common for domestic and commercial usages. Study the IoT security vulnerabilities poised by such devices. Who are the likely attackers? What are the common attack methods?

- Analysis of Existing Solutions: How to efficiently and cost-effectively identify and minimize such risks? Is the current protection on the Application Layer adequate? Are the existing software and tools powerful enough to protect the users? What are the costs, benefits or limitations?

- Feasibility Study of New Solutions: Any necessity to make a new device or solution to tackle such risk? If so, what are the technical requirements for such solution? A prototype of the solution

- Recommended Best Practice for home and business users: Recommended best practice of enhancing Application Layer Security for IoT

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