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Posts published in June 2020

Private IP Address Subnetting Standards. How strict are they today?

How strict is this standard today.
The range is: –

Conceptual Config

Location A (10):

VLAN 10 -
VLAN 20 -

Location B (20):

VLAN 10 - 172.20....

Assigning IP addresses to multiple switches

Thank you in advance for taking the time to read my question, i appreciate it. I am in need of help on IP assigning to 4 brand NEW Araknis switches that I am replacing with the current netgear/tp-link switches I have.
What is the correct w...

Raspberry Pi Broadcast as Beacon?

I and working on a personal project using a Raspberry Pi Zero W to collect and analyze images using python. The device will not have internet access and I am trying to find a way to passively push that information to a known and pre-paired BT devices. ...

Two Datacenter location with same BGP AS number

Currently we have DC-1 running eBGP with my ISP using AS:1111 and i have prefix and using BGP Default route because we have only single ISP.
Now we are opening new Datacenter in remote geolocation and we don't have any dedicated...

Project implementation/ improvement IoT air freight, sea shipping industry

Hello all, My friend has selected this topic for final year project “Can IoT , blockchain, improve the sea shipping, Airfreight/logistics and cargo industry in this digital age?” What improvement or implementation is possible in this topic. I’m just tr...

Sigfox ultrasonic sensor send alert to sigfox cloud

Hi All, I would like to ask if there's a way for my sigfox rcz4 to send an alert to sigfox cloud or my api when the distance on the ultrasonic sensor reading exceeds a maximum amount?

Currently I can only receive data from my rcz4 at predetermined intervals only. Please help

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