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Posts published in June 2020

Private IP Address Subnetting Standards. How strict are they today?

How strict is this standard today.
The range is: –

Conceptual Config

Location A (10):

VLAN 10 -
VLAN 20 -

Location B (20):

VLAN 10 - 172.20....

Assigning IP addresses to multiple switches

Thank you in advance for taking the time to read my question, i appreciate it. I am in need of help on IP assigning to 4 brand NEW Araknis switches that I am replacing with the current netgear/tp-link switches I have.
What is the correct w...

Two Datacenter location with same BGP AS number

Currently we have DC-1 running eBGP with my ISP using AS:1111 and i have prefix and using BGP Default route because we have only single ISP.
Now we are opening new Datacenter in remote geolocation and we don't have any dedicated...

Can’t log in after admin password change

I reset my admin password with below command:

#Set system login user admin authentication encrypted-password <new password>

But now i can't login to my device, what can be the reason?