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Posts published in June 2020

Need some suggestions for a research about IoT in tourism

For the final year research im thinking about something related to IoT and tourism. Things like how IoT can be used to develop the tourism destinations in my country. Is this possible research idea? There's large knowledge gap in IoT in tourism area. How can I convert this to a Quantitative research topic? What will be my variables?

I need suggestions because its very new area for me. I don't have lot of knowledge about the area

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Making an impact in IOT?

I've been reading a lot on IoT over the last few weeks and across all the research papers I've seen, there seemed to be two recurring topics.

  1. The current use cases for IoT (outside of IIoT / Edge Computing) are a bit contrived or would be a hard sell to the cities, malls, stadiums, etc where the IoT solution would be deployed. Additionally, managing the costs and the latency requirements of the implementation would also be difficult.
  2. There doesn't seem to be a communication standard that encompasses this experience. There's MQTT, Fog Computing, NGSI, etc and a few different flavors, but there isn't a de facto/winning standard.

This is still a new area of interest for me, so I may very well be mistaken ^

I've got a background in web and mobile (iOS) computing and have been playing around with Arduino/Raspberry Pi over the last week and I'm struggling to come up with meaningful use case. I've built an automated irrigation system and WiFi connected LED projects to get my feet wet (just like everyone else on Instructables), but, I'm still at a loss on how to contribute in a more meaningful way.

Any suggestions on how to contribute to the IoT space as in independent contributor? Any intersection between IoT and iOS where I could contribute?

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Raspberry Pi 4 Official USB SSD Boot (2020)

Raspberry PI 4 can now officially boot from USB - finally! That means you can use SSD or HDD drives instead of SD card. In today’s video I will show you how you can do that step by step and you don’t even have to attach a monitor to your Raspberr...

Need Help: ESP8266 Secure Connection and OTA

I wish to integrate AWS IoT and OTA updates on ESP8266. I am not looking for any solutions but would like to implement it myself. I am okay using some basic libraries like the ones that handle TCP connections and wifi interactions but I want to have fu...

IoE Vs. IoT: Which is the smarter business option in 2021?

​ IoE means the Internet of Everything. While IoT stands for the Internet of Things.But, as far as business a...

[Question]Contiki connectivity help

i want to ask a question, i have a measurement IoT device with Contiki OS installed and i want them to connect directly to the fiware IoT Agent, So in order to do that i have to write C++ code in the node to do Post directly to fiware ? can anyone help...