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Posts published in June 2020

National Academies Release COVID-19 Data Guide for Decision-Makers

The recently formed National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine Societal Experts Action Network (SEAN), which connects social and behavioral science researchers with decision-makers leading the response to COVID-19, today released a rapid...

BGP influence outbound traffic based on prefix

I have two router core1 and core2 connected with ISP router border1 and border2 using eBGP peer and i have 5 public subnect (/24). My ISP sending me default route instead of full BGP table.

Question: I have 5 public IP subnets (prefix) a...

Static NAT and PAT

I have two private IP addresses, want to make them NAT to public IP address.

WAY 1 : Static NAT (2 ip addresses NATted to one by manually)

WAY 2 : PAT (Router gives port number for each device randomly)

Question is...

Vaccine Access and Hesitancy – The Public Health Importance of Vaccines

Images of deserted streets, empty subway cars, and shuttered businesses paint a bleak picture of life during the COVID-19 pandemic. While health experts say a vaccine to prevent COVID-19 infection is needed to return to “normal,” several polls have ind...