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How I Came Out About My Disability

Three writers share how they revealed their disability, to a family member, to a love interest on a dating app and to oneself.

Struggling with understanding the sensor heaters (Honeywell Evohome)


I'm studying for exams which revolve around sensors / nodes and I am struggling to describe the activity of nodes. The lecturer provided pictures but I cannot seem to fathom a logical way to explain how they work.

For instance, for the Honeywell Evohome 1) Sensor attached to the radiator detects the air temperature and sends signal <where> ?

I am also struggling to understand where the solenoid valve would be located and the lecturer neglected to mention it at all apart from in some past exam questions. I thought beside the boiler but when I've watched videos relating to these valves they're shown as being on the route between the water & and heater. I'm confused because I'm learning about domesticated systems and the videos are all more about mechanical engineering.


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“A deep curiosity about the world”

The ocean may have something to teach us about the pandemic we’re grappling with, according to oceanographer and National Academy of Sciences member Jody Deming. Deming is a member of the Ocean Memory Project — a collaboration of scientists, artists, a...