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Posts published in “Day: July 17, 2020

Creating a low cost Cellular Communication Library

As discussed in a previous post, I’m working on a low-cost cellular (mobile) communication library which operates with MQTT. Most IoT communication with cellular devices result in a constant always on communication link with a server. Occasionally this is supplemented with a VPN link, allowing remote device access. However, this is costly to operate and maintain. The carrier / service provider charges for data, even while idle the devices are heart beating and the additional traffic is also an overhead for the server.

The low-cost solution I’m working on acts like a data link “driver” watching communication and dropping communication links when not needed, resuming them automatically when needed, whether that’s by the client needing to sent data to an MQTT Broker, or the Broker needing to deliver messages to the client.

Once the code is a good (enough) state I will open sourcing it on github. If this saves money we should all be using it, and I'd also like to give back a little.

I am currently working with the Mosquitto MQTT client library for the on-device code. Are there other MQTT client’s I should focus on? – I’d also like to pick an RTOS to work on too, I was thinking for the freeRTOS implementation?

Would you guys have any preference? Or any views on the approach?

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