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Posts published in “Day: July 18, 2020

Some thoughts on future business opportunities in IoT

Hi all!

I'm new here but have been dabbling in IoT projects for a while now. I've recently been interested in what the next few years hold for IoT especially around how organizations and startups can start thinking about how to change some of their processes or add value.

I wrote a post with some of my ideas - - but coming from a more holistic view of how to roll out an IoT strategy or how to start thinking about potential business opportunities.

As a snapshot, I think a winning IoT strategy for an organization should comprise the following aspects:

  1. Understanding the need for Device-enablement platforms
  2. Building on a firm’s strengths when implementing IoT
  3. Deploying multiple use cases internally and externally to climb the IoT learning curve
  4. Embracing opportunities for business-process changes
  5. Co-creating with startups that fill a gap in value
  6. Paying attention to market opportunities and where IoT is needed the most
  7. Leveraging Blockchain for secure and transparent data

Would love some feedback and to hear thoughts on what you think the future holds! Thanks

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