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Posts published in “Day: July 21, 2020

40 ping through modem, 110 ping through 3 different routers [closed]

I know there are a million posts out there on ping where most come back to it being the ISP and how they route. I have had ping issues for over two months now out of the blue. I have played rocket league for 5 years at this location and ot...

The Rise of the Netflix Hit

Nearly 100 million people watched at least two minutes of Extraction. In the past, we could scoff at such numbers. Now, it’s all we have.

Grants for the development of IoT-applications for the IoTeX network.

Specifically, grants are targeted at developers interested in building IoT and privacy-related projects, as well as ecosystem builders that want to expand the capabilities/reach of the IoTeX Network 5 proposals have already been approved, the most inte...