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Posts published in “Day: July 24, 2020

Galleries shut by COVID-19, Brazil has a drive-thru art show

With galleries and museums shuttered for the coronavirus pandemic, a Brazilian art gallery owner decided to adapt the culture of drive-in movies to the visual arts and inaugurated a drive-thru exhibition in Sao Paulo

Is IoT and 2G in the US still a thing?

As of today, is 2G no longer a thing? I keep getting mixed results wherever I search. The coverage maps I found aren't to helpful either. I have successfully used 2G in south America. Can 2G still be used for super cheap IoT devices? Or are we all ******* and have to settle with 4G (Which seems to be really expensive)

I would like some clarification on this.

If one can't use those cheap GSM, GPRS modules anymore do cheaper alternatives exists nowadays?

Talking exclusively about cellular of course, in the US.

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