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Posts published in August 2020

R&B singer Akon moves ahead with ‘Akon City’ in Senegal

American R&B singer Akon is moving ahead with plans to create a futuristic city in West Africa, unveiling plans Monday for the $6 billion project in Senegal where he spent much of his childhood

How much bandwidth do you need to link two switches? [closed]

I'm looking at a pair Dell S4128T-ON switches and the reseller is saying that we need to use both QSFP28 ports to link the switches (there is no dedicated stacking option). I believe that's 200GbE to link two switches with no port on each ...

Why does sub-netting not give us more addresses?

Sorry if this is dumb, but I am very knew to learning about networks.
Here is my reasoning?
Let's take the address,
if we subnet it with /16 then the network address is 24.50 + host is
if we subnet it with /24 then the ...