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Posts published in “Day: August 1, 2020

Sensor config and firmware management

New to iot, still coming up to speed I think I've got a plan for managing servers and to some extent smaller (computing) devices but I've got no idea about sensors like cameras, microphones and Bluetooth/RFID antennas

It feels like each one has its own process for updating the firmware, some have ways to collect telemetry, some don't, some you can "remotely config" settings but others you need a proprietary app

Am I missing something, are there sensors that follow a standard that is predictable across all sensors? Even if there isn't an app, it would let me work towards something that could

Thanks in advance

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Cell booster or LTE router for remote access? [closed]

Hope this is the right sub...
Our cottage in Ontario is 6.5 km from the nearest tower, 7 and 7.5 from the next two, >>10 from all the rest. Our cell phones normally get 1 bar inside and 1 to 2 outside, and there are constant short-te...

Create open CNAME target [closed]

Disclaimer: I'm not a networking guy, forgive me if I use the wrong language.
I'm trying to create a web app that allows users to use their own domain name. I know that this is easily accomplished using CNAME records: the user enters their...