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Posts published in “Day: August 11, 2020

ssh from cisco with fake source-ip

I have two cisco devices directly connected.

router1 =
router2 =

on router2 there is an admin ACL permit so I can't only SSH router2 from that range.
How can I ssh router2 from router1...

I need help please [closed]

This is probably the stupidest question ever but I have to ask .... how can I get to the bottom of who owns this up address ?
I went thru some websites but couldn’t make sense of it
This is what’s happening .... in my house...

what happend when inbound traffics over the limit of bandwidth?

Sorry for my English.
Let's say there is a chat server in AWS and it has bandwidth limit like 5Gbps. Someday, massive user comes and it spikes a lot of traffic in a second and finally it overs 5Gbps in 15 seconds.
I'm curious what is gonna...

Paloalto:Same segment but different zones

I am a novice and I don't have a paloalto at hand.
I don't know if it is possible that two devices communicate each other one of which belongs to Trust Zone and the other belongs to DMZ Zone.
However, two devices are in the same segment li...

I May Destroy You Recap: Forgive a Little

Now that Arabella has cleared the tension between her and Simon and relieved a guilty Terry, will she be able to forgive herself next?