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Posts published in “Day: September 10, 2020”

Die In A Fire, Skip Bayless

The thing is, I know I’m giving Skip Bayless exactly what he wants by writing this. By even considering writing it. Bayless doesn’t exist to be right or wrong. He’s just there to emit. He’s a smokestack. That’s all. Bayless has made his career by makin...

why use a bridge on two networks without default gateway

I am in the process of understanding a bit deeper the functionality of bridges however i am a bit confused on the matter.
I still dont understand why would you pick a bridge over a router when you bridge two different subnets.
Assuming you...

Can modern network equipment handle very large broadcast domains

We operate a network where we have 'tons' of VM servers that are physically hosted on many many blade chassis. The thought behind the original design was to simply put them in one very large broadcast domain so there are no restrictions o...