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Posts published in “Day: September 14, 2020”

Man who twice sold Trump-Maples ring pleads in diamond scam

A suburban Detroit jewelry buyer, auctioneer and appraiser who twice auctioned an engagement ring presented by Donald Trump to Marla Maples has pleaded guilty to wire fraud in a multi-million dollar diamond-buying scheme

Does UDP do anything at all?

It's my understanding that TCP has logic for ensuring reliable communication, but UDP just naively sends information along the channel set up for it using IP and things in lower layers.
Does UDP actually do anything?
I'm kind of confused b...

76 Days review – haunting Covid-19 documentary leaves its mark

A chilling look at what frontline workers faced in Wuhan might not expand the canvas quite enough but remains a potent and horrifying documentThe title typography on the opening credits and the poster of 76 Days looks very much like a riff on Danny Boy...

MPR reporter quits over handling of *** misconduct reporting

An arts reporter at Minnesota Public Radio News says she is resigning over what she says is management foot-dragging on her reporting about a male employee at a sister station accused of ****** misconduct