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Posts published in “Day: September 22, 2020

What forces/groups are for and against net neutrality? [closed]

Been trying to find specific groups that are pushing for net neutrality and against net neutrality. I can't find anything. The main people I have are Democrats and Republicans but I was thinking of more like organized groups/businesses. Fo...

Cisco AnyConnect and MAAS360 on iPads [closed]

We have a group of iPads that we are trying to connect to VPN but also use MAAS360. They have given me a snippet of XML that they want me to use for the VPN profile, but I am not sure how to utilize it.
I have worked a little bit with XML ...

Review: Millie Bobby Brown has fun with ‘Enola Holmes’

Enola Holmes is the creation of American author Nancy Springer who wrote a series of six young adult novels about Sherlock and Mycroft’s teenage sister who becomes a scrappy detective in her own right