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Posts published in “Day: October 19, 2020

Can my dogs text me?

We purchased and waiting for a device by Fluent Pet. Its just a bunch of buttons that plays whatever was recorded on each but its used to help communicate with your pets. They learn the words and tell you when they need something or just want to say something. Definitely look into it, its really cool! what_about_bunny on tiktok is the spokesdog if you wanna see it in action.

The reason why I'm posting on here is because I'd like to know if I can make the buttons when pressed send notifications to my phone so I know what was pressed. I have bad hearing so I'm worried I won't hear/catch whats been pressed or that I might be out of the room. It would be so cool if they could text me just by pressing a button.

Am I at the right place for this?

The idea of IoT is familiar but I'm barely learning what it all really is. This is all new to me 😊

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Toobin suspended by the New Yorker, steps away from CNN

Author-commentator Jeffrey Toobin has been suspended by the New Yorker and is stepping away from his job as CNN’s senior legal analyst pending what the cable network is calling a “personal matter.”