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Posts published in “Day: November 10, 2020

Routing 2 subnets [closed]

I have the following network topology as on the bellow picture.


Router A is connected to the internet and has local IP of It is also a DHCP and serves clients on LAN or WiFi.
Router B is connected directly via LAN (...

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Static hosted IOT dashboard


I'm making an IOT read-only dashboard for customers, which will need to be a whitelabel solution, and potentially embeddable in other web pages. The dashboard is just a collection of graphs/charts (imagine being displayed on a big TV screen). All the tools I've looked at so far are either prohibitively expensive (it needs to be less than $30-40/yr), or don't provide whitelabel solutions for free. The number of IOT devices connected would be a handful, to about 50 max.

AWS Quicksight charges based on session time, Google Data Studio isn't whitelabel, NodeRed and Apache superset both require dedicated hosting (EC2 cost would be around $100/yr after free 1yr) etc. Thingsboard, freeboard and grafana are all pretty expensive too.

Is there some platform that I'm missing? I don't need the dashboard to be real-time (a refresh of 5-10min is good enough). If there are no platforms serving this use-case, do you think building my own using AWS IOT + Lambda (every 5min) + s3 and then using client side Javascript to connect to Athena would work? I believe this would be cheaper than other alternatives. My website would be statically hosted on s3 and won't need any compute, except for maybe lambda.

Looking for suggestions, and advice as I'm very new to this space. Thanks a lot!

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