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Posts published in “Day: November 11, 2020

Is it cultural appropriation or appreciation?

If I were to wear cornrows, dreadlocks etc. And use the right terms for it and give credit where credit is due (like when someone asks what kind of braids they are etc.) Is it appropriation or appreciation?? (I'm white) I know it doesn't suit my hair because it would fall out, but I am just interrstes to know the answer.

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Expert Week 10 NFL Survivor Pool Advice, Tips, Picks

The public is focusing on two teams for its NFL survivor pool picks in Week 10, but should you join the crowd and go with the most popular favorites? The experts from TeamRankings break down win odds and future value to help you make the right choice.

Calculating minimum frame size [closed]

I'm actually quite stuck on a question I have for an assignment...I'd appreciate any help with this:
Consider a CSMA/CD network with maximum cable length of 8km and where the ratio of propagation speed to bandwidth (i.e. propagation speed/...

What role is ARP playing for a internet request?

For me it is not clear how the internet is working. Let's say we have host (local IP:192.168.12) and the gateway/router (local IP: / extern IP:
Now the client ( wants to visit