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Posts published in “Day: November 17, 2020

New Orleans: Coronavirus nixes Mardi Gras-season parades

A New Orleans spokesman says there won't be any parades on Mardi Gras or in the weeks leading up to it because they can't fit within crowd restrictions to slow the spread of the coronavirus

Environmental IoT & Precision Agriculture


My thesis project is called "Storage and Analysis of data coming from an IoT platform". I need however to find a use case for it.

As I am pretty intetested in environmental issues, I want to do something about that. One of the things that I considered is precision agriculture but it's not the only option.

Does anyone have any project ideas, resoueces to research on this topics, sensors I could use, use cases I could handle in these domains or anything that could help me here?

Thanks! 😁

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Couple gets prison time for paying bribes in college scam

A California couple will serve prison time for paying $250,000 to get their daughter into the University of Southern California as a volleyball recruit as part of the college admissions bribery scheme