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Posts published in “Day: January 10, 2021

Is this offensive?

Is doing the ‘twisting the lightbulb’ move or others similar offensive? I’ve had mixed opinions from desi friends where one side say it isn’t offensive and the other side say it is because it’s been used to mock traditional Indian dancing. submi...

wifi radio with stm32

hello everyone

I want to add wifi to one of my product that uses stm32f4 as the main MCU.

for now, I found this product in the market:

STWF04S: off-stock and no available information about internal radio

cypress product: no software support for the stm32.(drivers or library)

soc: like ti or silicon lab, great but need extra time for software development.

esp8266/esp32: so far the best, but I don't trust the Chinese companies, I'm afraid I will not have support in the massive production phase.

thank you in advance.

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