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Posts published in “Day: January 12, 2021

Unable to bridge traffic with L2TPv3 tunnel [closed]

my goal is to bridge a few VLANs over a Layer 2 connection. I succesfully created a L2TPv3 tunnel and a simple VxLAN as well. When using tcpdump, I can see data coming into physical interface and the bridge in host A, but on the other host...

UDP performance optimizations on localhost [closed]

The Lightweight Communications and Marshalling software suite is used to transfer objects between a C++ and a Java program over UDP. Running basic profiling and performance benchmarks shows that a simple "Hello, World"...

“Cultural appropriation”?

Simple question: Is wearing traditional outfits from other cultures "cultural appropriation?"

Context: I'm an American and I LOVE learning about other cultures. I love trying new foods, learning about customs, and talking about different things that people live about their nationalities. I also love the traditional dress of different cultures!

A while back, there was this fad about wearing colored feather head dresses and then another fad about burning sage bundles and apparently some people in the native American community were upset and called both of these actions "Cultural appropriation." But if I, as an American, wanted to wear a yukata, kimono, sari, or something else because I think they're beautiful and special, would it be cultural appropriation? Would it offend someone? Or do people get wrongfully touchy about some things? Does the intent matter in whether it's cultural appropriation, and how would someone even know? As an American, as far as I know we don't have a traditional outfit (though I could make jokes about short sleeve button downs and plaid shorts all day) so I don't really have a dream of reference about how I'd feel if someone from another country was just kinda.. Wearing something of "ours." For me personally, I'm happy to share aspects of my culture, but I can see how maybe it could feel like the wearer is either ignorant or poking fun??

Clarification, I'm not talking about going out to a restaurant or to work in any of these outfits. More like I just think they're pretty and I would enjoy wearing something and trying to cook some authentic style food around the house. Just wondering in general.

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