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Posts published in “Day: January 16, 2021

Private VLANs implementation

So, I have campus LAN, implemented as many VLANs with InterVLAN routing, that spreads on tens of L2 switches and one L3 switch. Now, I have request that hosts on one VLAN don't see each other. But, those hosts, on that VLAN, are spread on ...

AVAYA Internal Loopback test failed during boot

Today, suddenly our network went down and I cannot get it up so far.
I noticed that our core switch was not functioning. I tried to reboot it but no luck.
Then I noticed that it can not pass a test during boot.
I couldn't find any proper d...

Static ipv6 address assignment failing [closed]

I'm working on configuring a Raspberry Pi 3B+ running the latest rasbian as a router since my current home router is degrading and it's a fun project. Never done much with networking before but I got the pi set up up to do ipv4 routing wit...