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Posts published in “Day: January 20, 2021

Need to identify external IP addresses of devices

I need to identify the external IP addresses of 8 devices on a network. I have a 9th device with a windows operating system that is on the same network as these 8 devices. What Windows Command Prompt commands can I use to acquire the ext...

Router (4 ports) – 2 routers

I have a VirginMedia Hub4 with 4 ports on it and at the moment it is connected to one switch that is full, these go to devices downstairs and all is good. I would like to add another switch to get network cables upstairs as the WiFi is str...

Epik High Is Here For You

Epik High carved space for themselves in the South Korean mainstream. With their tenth album, 'Epik High Is Here,' they're paving new ground for other artists, too.

WAN Frames vs. STS-1 and T1 Frames

I am having trouble understanding the need for WAN frames, such as PPP when using the SONET Protocol or T-Carrier System. Since SONET uses STS-1 frames and T-Carrier uses T1 frames, why is there a need to further encapsulate.
One user, Za...