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Posts published in “Day: May 2, 2021

Communication between subnets on Sonicwall firewall

I have a Sonicwall TZ-350. X0 is the default LAN with IP, and X1 is the WAN. I've set up a second local subnet on X2 with IP for a single NAS device (no switch; the device is plugged directly into the Sonicwall). ...

Lawn Games to Enjoy

In this era of social distancing, lawn games like croquet, badminton and horseshoes offer a great way to spend some time outside.

Make a Floral Cocktail

Flowers are magic. They are beautiful, uplifting and, when added to a drink, incredibly refreshing.

What standards are there for initial configuration of consumer IoT devices?

Mainly thinking of how to connect to them so that they can connect to a local WiFi network, and if there are any general purpose mobile apps out there that support any standard protocols.

Specifically, I've got an ESP based sensor that sends telemetry that ultimately will alert a user via SMS if the sensor detects certain states at specific times. I'm trying to figure out how to set it up so that it's easily deployable on different WiFi networks.

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Things To Do At Home

This week, learn about the history of Cinco de Mayo, explore the future of America’s Chinatowns or make paper flowers.