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Posts published in “Day: May 3, 2021

Mother’s Day Experiences Around NYC 2021

Mother’s Day Experiences Around NYC 2021 It seems like every day should be Mother’s Day after this past year but on Sunday, May 9, it’s officially Mother’s Day! It’s a great day to pull out all of the stops for mom and the leading ladies in your life! There’s no better way to celebrate than...
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I saw myself on a Richie Culver artwork

I was impressed about a few months ago when I found this guy on Instagram talking about Instagram in paintings with Instagram aesthetics. Then I started to search and found a lot of things about art, social reflections, political and physiological sentences. Kenny Schater called his portfolio a ‘’Freudian funhouse’’, because it’s not a grey scale of questions, it's a black or white world in these paintings. His questioning comes from tacit arguments and several conclusions of reality and this makes you think ‘’can I scape of that?’’, ‘’are we, like humans, all this piece of s…something?’’.

His artwork is a subjective perspective of the world but took all of our deep thoughts on this subjective vision. Hard message, heavy aesthetics, difficult reality, everything is a sublime harmonious design with language as its raw material.

You can see his website or his Instagram, he uses it as a portfolio too and that makes him an artist of today. I remember yesterday, I don’t need to see that again on another artwork. And I like to see what we are, and we know that, our habits but in art it’s different. It’s true, like he says, is like a meme but shows the shadow of art, their background, in a critical way. Achieves opening our eyes about ourselves and our artistic or habitual practices.

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